What Ag Marketers Need to Know About Digital Trends

What Ag Marketers Need to Know About Digital Trends

We can’t help but notice trends in consumer digital media. Every time we go online we’re part of the rapidly changing digital media equation. Where’s ag media in terms of the trends? We’re adopting more cautiously, but maybe that’s good news. We can avoid trends that bottom out or disappear. And we can learn from [...]

How to be the Smartest Person

How to be the Smartest Person in the Field or the Room

After spending a day and a half at the Western Corn Belt 2014 Precision Ag Conference, I’m pretty sure farming is more complex than rocket science. What do you need to master? Drainage. Drought. Genetics. Weed resistance. Variable rate application. Multi-hybrid planting. Yield monitoring. Soil nutrition. And drones. The only sensible response is to ask [...]


Beyond the Blue Jackets

National FFA Week celebrates Future Farmers of America and encourages us all to think about what their future might be. It’s telling that the week set aside to celebrate FFA always includes Washington’s Birthday, as a way to honor our first president for legacy as an American farmer and promoter of agriculture. In a letter [...]